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Created in collaboration with Charlotte Stockdale of CHAOS FASHION, these beautifully-crafted leather stickers can be used to 'sticker up' anything - from your handbag to your laptop or notebook - to create your own personal artwork. 


Dimensions: H 5cm, W 3cm 


Materials: Embossed capra leather 


Please note: These leather stickers are designed to adhere to any flat, rigid surface and shouldn’t be removed once they have been applied. We do not recommend sticking them on curved surfaces as they are not bendable. Our handmade diamante stickers are delicate and should be handled with care. Anya Hindmarch is not liable for any damage caused by the stickers or to the stickers themselves after application. 


How to care for it: We've worked closely with our craftsmen to make sure that the technique used to print leather is as durable as possible. Because the leather has a textured surface you may notice small raised dots in the printing. As will all leathers, the skin will age naturally, so we recommend storing in a protective dust bag and avoiding exposure to prolonged sunlight and chemical cleaners.

Anya Hindmarch Sticker

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