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Shopon Hossin
Apr 06, 2022
In General Discussions
Added to that is the management disaster. Bolsonaro ended up associating the liberal economic project with his madness, with his incompetence, with his authoritarianism. For this reason, Bolsonaro's is a dysfunctional government that Whatsapp Mobile Number List ended up transforming Brazil into a hated country. Not only for the United States of Biden or for China; we are also moving away from Russia and India. And exporters suffer from this. That is why many in the elite are looking for a centrist candidate, which does not seem easy. They realize that Bolsonaro may end up paving the way for a possible turn of the left in 2022, and that is what they fear most. What happened these days has to do with this pressure. Bolsonaro 's approval is around 30%. Bolsonaro no Whatsapp Mobile Number List longer thinks about governing. He only seeks not to Whatsapp Mobile Number List impeachment and reach 2022 in full, at least with the possibility of going to the second round. Related to this, did Bolsonaro remain a kind of hostage of the centrão, which controls Congress and holds the key to impeachment? The centrão is increasing its influence in the government; the centrão is more competent than Bolsonaro. It was the Congress that fired Araújo and could overthrow Ricardo Salles, the environment minister. Maybe not now, Whatsapp Mobile Number List but in the near future. Salles is another of the worst ministers in the government, one of the most flat-earth. In the centrãothey are the old foxes of Brazilian politics: they negotiate a hundred and deliver fifty. The centrão was also very important in supporting the Lula government and Dilma's first term. The style of Bolsonaro, who is aware of his intellectual limitations, and is even a sociopath, is to hit the table. with the center That does not work.