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sm badsha
Apr 11, 2022
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Seemed like a great opportunity so my Buy Email List wife and I signed up and bought our starter products. After a few months of paying nearly $100/mo to keep our distributor status and earning a big $2 cheque we bailed. Now in Buy Email List fairness, we didn't work on building the business either. What I do know is that the 2 people who've done very well in that business speak from the stage, and seem to build their Buy Email List business. From the hundreds of people in the Buy Email List audience, not from doing milk and cookie parties like they encourage their team to do. My next venture into the home business industry was even more eye opening. This was Buy Email List program with a high ticket core product. It was a vacation travel package that cost over $3,000. The allure was that with just 12 people in your organization you'd earn 4 times Buy Email List that amount. What should have been a clue though Buy Email List is we were trained to tell people that we invited to see the presentation that "I can't tell Buy Email List out what it is, you just have to come and see." if they asked what it was about. What's interesting is Buy Email List that I saw people make thousands in that company in as little as a couple of weeks. They Buy Email List had people making 6 figures in their first year, but despite my best efforts.