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Sumaiya Khatun
Apr 19, 2022
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Then we are of course curious how you Telemarketing Lists have adapted that, what your learnings are and whether you have achieved results with it. Let us know! Within video advertising there are many different options for purchasing your advertising space. In this article I zoom in on the difference between advertising on YouTube and buying your advertising space from other video publishers. Before we dive into Telemarketing Lists this subject in depth, it is good to first have a clear idea of ​​what we are talking about. As a video advertiser, you can purchase advertising space from many different video publishers. With video publishers you can think of: RTL VMG (Video Media Group) Spot Stream Ads The Telemarketing Lists largest amount of video content is on YouTube. According to YouTube itself, they have Telemarketing Lists more than a third of the total internet population of users (1 billion users). In addition to YouTube, you as an advertiser can choose to show your video Telemarketing Lists advertisement at other publishers, such as the STER and RTL. So what's the biggest difference between YouTube and other video publishers? This is mainly due to brand safety , targeting and visibility. I'll cover each point below and share our YouTube experiences. Difference 1. Brand safety As mentioned, there is a lot of content on YouTube. This ensures that many people are on YouTube every day and Telemarketing Lists that increases your potential reach as an advertiser. Because it is such a widely accepted Telemarketing Lists medium, 400 hours of video content is uploaded here per minute. Very nice of course, but at the same time this also causes a big problem for YouTube. It is virtually impossible for Google to screen and categorize all newly added content in real time. Google combines Telemarketing Lists an algorithmic detection system with human quality control to find the videos you as an advertiser would rather not be associated with. Unfortunately, this system does not work perfectly. As an advertiser, you run the risk of being shown for videos that contain content Telemarketing Lists about terrorism, negative news items, sensitive social issues, et cetera.