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Your destination for authentic luxury.

Bags, clothing, accessories.

Quality, authenticity, and exclusivity.

Discover refined elegance with us.

We promise a 100% refund at the original price for genuine products


In founder Chris Ng's story, she was once a tour guide, traveling the world and delving into the value and investment potential of luxury goods during her downtime while waiting for customers to shop.This experience ignited her desire to enable more people to enjoy better goods with less money.


Therefore, in 2012, she courageously resigned from her job as a tour guide and fully devoted herself to the founding of Luxury2U. Drawing upon her years of experience purchasing luxury items worldwide, she carefully selects valuable products for our customers.

With her unique perspective and extensive expertise, Chris Ng is dedicated to providing Luxury2U's customers with the highest-quality luxury experience.

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Chris chanel

As Luxury2U expanded, we began accepting bulk orders from resellers and supplying luxury products to multinational companies. Today, we're a top retailer of luxury bags, accessories, clothing, and more.


Our commitment to authenticity ensures that all our products are sourced directly from authorized dealers, earning us the trust of loyal customers who value quality and reliability.

At Luxury2U, our products are sourced directly from authentic stores in Europe and the UK

guaranteeing our customers the highest quality, authentic luxury goods

We've had the privilege of participating in numerous events hosted by prestigious publicly listed companies, including Mercedes, Petronas, Ecoword, and several prominent hotels. These engagements have provided invaluable opportunities for networking, collaboration, and showcasing our offerings to a diverse audience. Each event has been a testament to our commitment to excellence and our dedication to forging meaningful partnerships across various industries. We look forward to continuing to engage with such esteemed organizations and further solidifying our presence in the market.

We maintain ready stock and also provide pre-order services.


Through our pre-order and ready stock systems, customers can always stay ahead of the latest trends and styles, ensuring they consistently have access to the highest quality luxury goods.

We understand that our customers lead busy lives and may not always have the time to wait for their purchases to arrive.


That's why we offer a variety of ready stock items available for same-day delivery.

For pre-order items, we typically ship within two to three weeks

Our Service

We offer postal, Lalamove, and doorstep pickup services to ensure you receive your treasures in the shortest time possible.


Whether you prefer the convenience of delivery to your doorstep, the speed of Lalamove, or the option to pick up your items in person, we have you covered.


At Luxury2U, our priority is to provide you with fast and reliable delivery options,so you can enjoy your treasures without delay